A Personalized in home air quality
reading system for You and Your Family

The Problem?

Air quality is a major factor in our health. Knowing about the air we breathe is as important as knowing the ingredients in the food we eat and the quality of the water we drink. However, unlike our food and drink, air does not come in labelled packages and as a result we unknowingly breathe in contaminated air and expose ourselves to various health hazards.


Meet the Qiwi

The Qiwi uses top of the line sensors to read the air quality in your home and alerts you if you need to make changes like turning on vents or opening windows and doors, to help maintain healthy breathing standards.
With Qiwi's smart glow communication, you can see your air quality at a glance; a color coded LED will provide a quick reference for you to see.

Personalized Air Quality Index

Track toxins and chemicals in your air as well as temperature, humidity and pressure and provide you with recommendatyions to stay safe and healthy, and act accordingly to the ambient conditions.


Designed with flow in mind

The Qiwi's sensors are designed and tested to accurately identify the five key factors of air quality. Each sensor is strategically placed to ensure optimal airflow and consistent readings.

3D Qiwi

It's not just outside

Many contaminants that contribute to outdoor air pollution also pose a concern indoors. Many homes are equipped with CO and CO2 monitors, but such a limited scope of parameters ignores other important pollutants affecting your health like particulate matter and volatile organic compounds.


Is there such a thing as too clean?

Volatile Organic Compounds are a diverse group of gases such as the vapors of cleaning chemicals. Many of these chemicals are irritating and cause headaches and dizziness. Some VOCs, like benzene, cause cancer. VOCs also cause the formation of ground-level ozone, another pollutant.

Importance of the Qiwi

Productivity, comfort, and a calming sense of health and well-being are the positive outcome of a healthy indoor environment. Our comfort depends on the interaction of multiple variables. Optimizing both temperature and relative humidity satisfies the comfort requirements for a wider variety occupants than optimizing only temperature.



The Qiwi has been carefully crafted from natural wood and is offered in various material designs to give you a choice for the unit to match the style and design of your home. The Qiwi is perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, the kitchen and family rooms.


Coming Soon

This unique feature will link the Qiwi to the app on your smartphone. You can see all the details of air quality on the screen by connecting your phone to Qiwi WiFi.